• AI-driven DSP

    Our purpose is to create value for high-value users scaling up

  • Alta AI Marketing Platform

     Powerful programmatic architecture and service make marketing easier

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    Through AI technology, it can automatically collect historical data and extract data from it, learn to analyze, summarize and automatically iterate. It helps advertisers automate ad performance optimization and targeting at scale

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    Upload your own ads or let Alta Ads creative team build high performing ads for you in every size and format

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    24/7 access to powerful transparent reporting and deep actionable insights

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    Every audience of every size and every type. Select from over 120,000 audience segments from 50+ data providers and target your own audiences from online and offline sources

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    Brand Safe

    Always-on protection with the industry's strongest brand, privacy, and fraud controls

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    24/7 Support

    We support businesses in their quest for superior customer service by significantly enhancing each customer interaction at any touch point, whether by phone, e-mail, SMS or web-based services

  • Cases


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    Grand Jackpot Slots

    10,000 installs in first week

    Average RR2>45%

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    1,200,000 intalls in a month

    Average CVR 1.7%

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    Daily installs 10,000+

    Daily new creative 1,000+

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